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Following the speedy expansion of the Chinese automotive industry, the domestic market can not meet the surging development, internationalization has become the indispensable way for China to become a leading country in automotive industry. To reach this goal, there is no more way can Chinese automotive companies do than export and internationalization when they make the internationalization strategy.

As one of the professional international trade promoting organizations in automotive industry, for helping related departments and companies to implement the internationalization and “GOING-OUT” strategy, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Committee publishes the China Automobile Import and Export Report (2010) by analyzing the I&E trade data provided by General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China and International Trade Center. By processing the trade data which get from thousands of companies, hundreds of products and countries, and analyzing the data from different aspects, we offer the help to companies and individuals involving the automotive industry for understanding the new and future situation of international trade and looking for market opportunities.  

The China Automobile Import and Export data monthly analyzing system can provide different inquiries by different classified products, niche products, countries and companies. On the basis of original custom data, we could give you a complete analysis in automotive products trade.

For providing the continuous technology support to China automotive industry, we will concentrate our point on the researching of local industry policies, trade protections and technology barriers which about the potential automotive products’ markets for China.


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