China Automotive Market Development Summit opens in June, Chongqing

2013-05-08 from:

After seven years of continuous high-speed growth, China auto market took a sudden brake in 2011. Traffic and environmental pressures continued to increase; stimulus policies withdrew from the market; regional hotspots shifted to the Mid-west; people’s consumption concept tended to be more rational; the overall profit margin shrank… With such changes taking place in China, the auto market went from “Great Leap Forward” back to rational development.


Created by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Automotive Committee, China Automotive Market Development Summit is the first ever summit focusing on automotive market development strategies in China. The first session will be held on June 6th, 2013, running concurrently with Auto Chongqing 2013. Themed as “Transformation and Innovation — Embracing a New Era of Automotive Marketing”, the Summit will focus on the strategies for the development of China’s automotive market, in particular, the fast-growing auto market in Midwest China.


As a market with the largest number of new car sales, China has just entered a new historical period of development. It is of great significance for China to have such a truly practical summit as China Automotive Market Development Summit. Falling under the umbrella of Global Automotive Forum, the Summit aims to provide a genuine platform for an outcome-oriented discussion and experience- sharing among key strategy developers who are in charge of market development and sales.


The Summit will update all the participants on the latest progress in China’s automotive industry, including government policy, market planning, construction of sales network, after-sales market, marketing communication, etc. Industry leaders from both at home and abroad, policy makers, top level executives, leading experts from research institutes and media professionals will gather together at the Summit and share with the audience their profound knowledge and practical experience about the industry, their successful marketing strategies and marketing cases. While learning from the development path of automotive market in the U.S. and advanced European countries, they will share views about the changes and challenges faced by China’s automotive market, and will build up a common understanding on the future of China’s automotive industry.


Main Topics to Be Discussed at the 2013 China Automotive Market Development Summit:

  • Development of China's auto market: Short, medium and long term outlook
  • Exploring opportunities in different market segments and different geographic tiers
  • China auto marketing: Focus on branding and E-marketing
  • Luxury marketing
  • Exploring opportunities outside China
  • Marketing innovation: How to enhance customer value through lean marketing and full life cycle marketing
  • Three guarantees: Guarantees for repair, replacement or compensation of fault products
  • Future of auto dealerships
  • China auto market: Making transition from high growth to sustainable development


350 elites will attend the summit, including senior government officials, top sales executives from leading Chinese and foreign OEMs, general managers of large-scale automobile sales groups, top management from world-famous after market enterprises, leading experts on automotive marketing from both at home and abroad and chief editors of leading professional media organizations from different parts of the world.