The 4th Global Automotive Forum (GAF2013) to be Unveiled in October in Wuhan

2013-04-25 from:

Upon the invitation of Wuhan Municipal Government, the 4th Global Automotive Forum (GAF2013), organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automotive Committee and Wuhan Municipal Government, will be held in Wuhan on October 17th and 18th, 2013.

The Global Automotive Forum is one of the most important international forums in the automotive industry on the largest scale and at the highest level. With the mission of “Promoting global partnership and shaping a brand new future for the auto industry”, the Global Automotive Forum is a grand global event for senior auto industry executives, senior government officials, experts, media professionals, and so on, where they share their insights with the audience on the hot topics and future development trends of the global auto industry and reach constructive and fruitful consensus. In the past three years since the launch of the Forum, it has been widely acclaimed for its global vision, high-end positioning and authoritative analysis, and has gained high reputation in Asia and other parts of the world.

Themed as “Shaping the Future of an Industry in Transition”, the 3rd Global Automotive Forum (GAF 2012) was successfully concluded on September 7th, 2012 in Chengdu, China. GAF2012 focused on how to shape a new model, new system and new mechanism under the backdrop of the slower growth of the auto industry in China, with a view to promoting the development of the automotive industry in the world and especially in China and other Asian countries and regions. At the two-and-half-day forum, over 700 people from 18 countries and regions had an exciting experience of attending 14 intense debates, 8 press conferences and 5 recreational activities. Hundreds of journalists from 110 domestic media and 20 overseas media from the US, UK, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India and so on attended the forum to cover grand event onsite. CCTV also played an active role as “co-sponsor” of the forum. All the major websites in China offered live broadcast and special coverage of the forum, and both domestic and overseas mainstream media conducted interviews with the VIP speakers and distinguished guests, and lost no time in making in-depth coverage of the event. All this stirred up great response from the public. To better spread the ideas of the forum, the Organizing Committee has collected the remarkable speeches of the speakers and will soon publish A Collection of Meeting Minutes of Global Automotive Forum 2012. As a summary of the 3rd Global Automotive Forum, it will present to the readers the development status, hot topics and future trends of the global automotive industry. At the closing ceremony of the forum, Mr. Wang Xia, Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automotive Committee and Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Global Automotive Forum, called on everybody for continuous efforts in promoting the development of the automotive industry to make people’s life better, encourage multi-win “competition and cooperation” for higher level of cooperation and development, advocate the development of green vehicles for harmonious co-existence between the automotive industry and the environment, and facilitate the integration and standardization of the global automotive market. His remarks were highly acclaimed by the public.

To support the globalization endeavor of Chinese companies and offer them a platform for effective communication with their foreign counterparts, the Organizing Committee made strategic planning for the development of the Global Automotive Forum. Sub-forums will be held in major auto making countries at appropriate time. On Jan 13th 2013, the Organizing Committee held “Global Automotive Forum Sino-US Dialogue” in Detroit. Over 120 people attended the event, including Chief Engineer of Ford Motor, Chief Economist of General Motors, General Manager of GAC, Vice President of Delphi and so on. Dozens of domestic and overseas journalists covered the event with great enthusiasm. The whole event proved to be a great success.

To further promote the Global Automotive Forum to a higher level, GAF Secretariat   visited North America and Europe where they had intensive meetings with executives of Ford, Fiat-Chrysler, Volkswagen and other major global automakers. Highly acknowledging the forum, all of them expressed strong will to attend the forum, sharing their expertise, insights and valuable suggestions with the audience and contributing to the development of the global automotive industry on this well-established platform.

While trying our best to create positive external environment, we have also been attaching great importance to summarizing the experiences and lessons over the past three years. At GAF2013, we will score new heights in terms of scale, topic selection, forms of gathering, and activities arrangement. It will be more “international” in terms of the participation of media and the geographical coverage of participants. We expect your presence at this grand event in October 2013 in Wuhan.