BYD building new crash test center in Shenzhen

2011-12-27 from:

BYD is currently construction a new crash test center in Shenzhen, Guangdong, the Beijing News reported today. Some of the facilities have already been completed and are ready for use. The whole lab is scheduled to be operational by next August.

BYD has invested 100 million yuan ($15.79m) in building the 22,000 square meter complex. The center will adhere to the highest of Western standards.

The Shenzhen center will be the second crash test center BYD has, with its original center in Shanghai still being used. BYD is one of the few Chinese manufacturers to possess multiple crash test centers. According to sources from the manufacturer, the Shanghai center is already capable to handle all of BYD's current testing needs. The reason the manufacturer decided to invest money in building a new center is to prepare for the future.